Company donates portable water filters to researchers

SOME RM3,000 worth of portable water filters will be supplied by Universal Fitness and Leisure (UFL) to Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (TRCRC) researchers in Perak and Sabah.

During the handover ceremony, UFL executive chairman Datuk Malek Noor and managing director Datuk Radha Krishnan showed the efficacy of the filters by

Radha and Malek said the company would also be contributing the system to the organisation’s orang asli outreach programmes.

TRCRC executive director Dzaeman Dzulkifli David said the water filters would be of great help to researchers who often spend days in the field in very remote areas.

Explaining that it was not uncommon for researchers to carry up to 5kg of water in their backpacks, he said the water filters would certainly lighten their burden.Dzaeman revealed he was once hospitalised for liver failure after drinking from a contaminated water source while in the jungle.

As an outdoor sports products company, Radha said the company’s contribution was in line with its healthy lifestyle philosophy, which encourages customers to embrace the great outdoors.

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