Core Team


The Wellness Sales Division is the one of the oldest divisions in the organisation having been established since the company’s inception. Primarily focused on developing gyms and distributing fitness equipment, the division also focuses on education and creating awareness on the benefits of keeping healthy to the masses through trainings and conferences.


The Leisure Sales division comprises of a strong sales force, commonly known as the frontliners, delivering end to end solutions to gratify the ever growing outdoor market. Primarily focused on expanding distribution channels, each individual in this division has a wealth of industry experience and has a keen understanding on the outdoor products we carry. If you are in the outdoor retail business, be expecting a knock on the door from our leisure sales team.


UFL was the first to introduce archery to schools in the country. The division since then has been committed to developing the sport of archery from the grassroots level up by continuing to service schools and educational bodies. The archery division is led by a former sportswoman who has done the country proud in the sport of archery and today uses her skills to educate customers from beginners to experts on how to get the most out of archery brands we carry.


The primary function of the Marketing Division is to serve as a communications hub streamlining marketing communications solutions for both internal and external stakeholders, namely the brands we carry. From A&P to Public Relations and Events, the core of the division’s responsibility is to carry the Brands’ story to the masses.


The retail division manages all retail activities spread out across our flagship stores and consignment counters. From visual merchandising to in house promotions, the responsibility of the retail division holds no boundaries as they serve as the first line of contact with the consumer. Trained promoters also make up the retail division, concentrating on providing the customer top notch sales assistance from the moment they walk in to the moment they leave.


The accounts division is the single most important division in the company. Headed by our COO herself, the division’s role is to primarily manage the fiscalities of the entire organisation. From budgeting to taxation, the accounts division is the very lifeline of the company, the proverbial heart that pumps the flow of funds which keeps the organisation alive.

Information Technology

The IT division comprises of a group of tech savvy individuals who oversee every digital aspect of the organisation. From setting up networks to developing websites, the IT division never rests easy until everyone in the organisation is digitally connected and sharing information through the miracle of cyberspace. The division also manages all the organisation’s social networking sites. Under the IT division there is a sub-division responsible for furnishing other division heads with administrative services.


This division concentrates on the after sales service for the more technical products we carry. Once a customer experiences any technical difficulties with our products, a technician will immediately be tasked to ascertain the extent of malfunction or damage occurred. The technical division also manages routine maintenance of fitness equipment purchased by individuals or companies.