Dato' RadhaKrishnan

Managing Director

“Life abounds with opportunities – it is whether we want to make the most of them”. These are the words our fearless leader, Dato’ V. Radha Krishnan, lives by and it has served him well. A man who needs no introduction, Dato’ Radha Krishnan, has led this organisation from its humble beginnings to now becoming a company synonymous with the sports, fitness and outdoor industry. A man of a few words, Dato’ Radha, today holds high positions on various sports bodies locally making him a man of many talents. But his one true passion lies in business. Dato Radha believes strongly that hard work and passion is what has attributed to his many successes and he relentlessly instils this into his employees whom he endearingly considers to be like his own family. His virtues and integrity sets him apart from others but his calm and friendly demeanour makes him approachable to many. This savvy individual has been through many ups and downs, but through this adversity, he self proclaims, has made him stronger and unwilling to quit until he has brought this company to the pinnacle of its success.

Key Quotes

Theresa Leong , Chief Operating Officer

A shareholder and Director of the company, Ms Theresa oversees every financial aspect of the organization. Her contributions to the company are unmeasurable and till this day is the first one in and last one to punch out. A hardworking individual by nature and always puts the company’s interests first before everything else.