We have distinguish ourselves from others by the quality of service we render for each and every client. We have worked with Government Ministries, Corporate and Financial Institutions, NGOs and private businesses, all we meet with the same professionalism in sales and service regardless of the size of the organization or project. We have established Authorized Dealers for our outdoor range of products throughout the nation including diversifying local mom and pop operations into huge profit centres. UFL has also partnered with private companies to establish Authorized Centres to highlight our wellness products. Bodytone Studio in particular which focuses on whole body vibration techniques using the global fitness phenomenon Power Plate. We have also set up the first kid’s gym in Asia, Zac & Zibbo Kid’s Gym in Citta Mall featuring Panatta fitness equipment designed just for kids, another wellness brand we carry. Establishing Authorized Centres and Dealers are important because it demonstrates our commitment to distribute genuine products of international standards to the market. Contact us now to learn more about how UFL can enhance your business.


Once contacted, our wellness team will assist the customer from start to end of the project beginning by first visiting the customer or site in question. Then a proposal tailored to the client’s budget will be presented with professional recommendations on the type of equipment to be used and a detailed 3D impression of the overall layout is produced. Once the client has approved the proposal, the wellness team will then proceed to deliver and install. 


Once both the wellness division complete any transaction be it the setting up of a fitness centre at a corporate institution or the selling of a treadmill bundled with a wristwatch heart rate monitor to a private home user, the technical support team is on 24 hour standby to engage should a technical problem occur. Our technical specialists are internationally certified and are vastly experienced to handle any call

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Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Training Workshops for UFL staffs and UFL clients

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For over 28 years now, we have been further enhancing the sports and fitness industry by running educational and training program for relevant bodies and agencies. UFL has spared no expense in bringing international speakers and trainers to meet and speak with local practitioners so they will be abreast with global trends  Aside from the international influence, UFL also takes pride in procuring local talent such as former athletes and sportsmen under its employ. One example is former National Bodybuilding champion and local celebrity, Dato’ Malek Noor spent a good part of his professional career developing gyms and fitness centres nationwide under UFL. He now consults the wellness division on every project regardless of how small or big. The wellness division also recruits, trains and certifies local fitness trainers for the benefit of our clients. Recommendations are usually made at the proposal stages of a project.